Few facts about POM:

  1. POM is The capital city of Papua New Guinea and the principal international gateway into the country
  2. POM is one of the most beautiful cities
  3. POM is the largest city in the South Pacific with a population of around 350,000.
  4. It is recommended to vaccinate before you reach the country.
  5. You can find S.O.S clinic with great doctors in the “Airways” famous hotel.
  6. POM is NOT a safe place, not for anyone, but especially not for women and children. Make sure you are being careful at all times. However, if you are looking at a trip/relocation to Papua New Guinea. You should not let the poor reputation of Port Moresby stop you from going.
  7. When you are protected and taking all the essential measures for not getting heart it can be a heck of a ride for you and your family

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