Few fresh start recommendations

Your first and important step is to find an apartment/a house within a compound that will be comfortable enough and interesting enough as you are going to spend there MOST of your time.

Make sure there are few other expats in the compound in case you feel lonely. In PNG you will never get to be one of the locals, no matter how many local friends you will have you are still an outsider.

A warm recommendation is to find a compound that is nearby your job and also (if you have kids with you) near their schools/nurseries/pre-schools. If you are in POM because of your job or your partners’ job, make sure that the company pays at least of one if not all of the following things: rental; kindergarten; living costs (food, clothing etc..) and a car expenses. Mote to yourself everything is extremely expensive in POM.

After you’ve settled and ordered an Ikea container from AUS and met few friendly expat neighbors, it is the time to explore nurseries and pre-schools. I’m truly sorry I have 0 info about primary schools and high schools.

The most recommended (in my opinion) is the SouthBridges Learning Center PNG

Why?: Because of their Montessori learning techniques and, because of the teachers Wilma and Cathy.

Where?: Section 26, Lot 9
Lahara Avenue
Boroko, NCD
Papua New Guinea

Problems: Not the best area to open a kindergarten in POM; Not enough guards, and the main concern is: is it still active?! to find out more you can contact them from the website

The other recommended pre-school is the Early Learning Center – The Ela Murry International School

Why?: It’s a large size- seafront compound with 10 or more educated staff per group. The security is ok to compare to PNG but because of its large surface, it’s hard to really secure the pre-school.

the student can continue to Themis school directly but I have no information about the school itself.

why I, personally didn’t really like it ?: the classrooms have no windows or they can’t open them and its always smell of bleach. The kids were happy but basically did not do anything but eat and sleep (the nap time was2- 2.5 h- for me, it seems too long especially due to the fact you need to collect them by 2pm)

keep tone for my next post.